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New bright spot of 2018 Chun Yuan biomass combustion machine

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Since its establishment, Chun Yuan company has been researching and innovating continuously, and has many patents for invention and utility models. By 2018, our company's R & D and production of high-end cast iron "burn bad" biomass combustion machine is also more and more perfect, has won the praise of customers.
This year, we have added a 180 degree rotating inspection door on the basis of the previous production of biomass combustor, which can be quickly opened to observe the furnace chamber, which is more efficient and faster than the previous lock screws.
This year, the safety baffle has been added at the viewport to prevent the abnormal work of the fan at the end of the oven at the same time, and to achieve a certain degree of flame through the threat of the viewport to the staff, and more humane treatment than before.
This year, the core furnace floor of the biomass combustor has also been multi modularized. It can be picked up one piece in one piece, and it is easier to clean the ventilation holes, and it is more convenient to clean. And the former is a whole, the hole plugging must be removed as a whole, it is not easy to clean up.