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What is the composition of the biomass thermal energy system

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The biomass thermal energy system consists of the oven body, the biomass combustor, the hot air draught fan, the cyclone dust collector, the air diversion machine, the inner liner of the combustion machine, the heat exchange tube inside the furnace, the explosion proof expansion box and the hot air circulating air pipe in the furnace.
Using biomass wood dust particles as fuel and burning the furnace through the feeding system of biomass combustor, the advanced semi gasification combustion technology is used to produce high temperature flame. The heat exchange system, which is composed of the combustion inner tube and the heat exchanger tube in the furnace, radiates high temperature heat in the oven, and the tail gas is discharged directly to the atmosphere through the cyclone dust collector and the air inlet machine. The temperature of each interval is uneven because of the heat. It is necessary to adjust the temperature of each interval through a hot air circulating fan, so that the hot air in the front of the combustion engine is pumped through a bad fan and sent to a relatively far distance in the furnace, thus forming a temperature equilibrium effect.