Operation Philosophy: Leader of professional coating line biomass combustor!
  • 生物質燃燒爐
  • 生物質顆粒燃燒機
  • 濕式除煙設備
  • 生物質顆粒燃燒機

About us

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Dongguan ChunYuan general machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Qingdao town, a famous manufacturing city in the world -- Qingxi Town, Dongguan, which specializes in the research, manufacture, sale and service of biomass combustion equipment. Our company focuses on coating industry for twenty-one years, and has long been engaged in the development of biomass thermal technology in China. It is the industry standard setter and core technology owner. A number of national patents have been obtained. It is the designated technical cooperation unit of the national biomass laboratory.
Chun Yuan, adhering to the value concept of focus, innovation, lean, pragmatic and trustworthiness, has been striving for the biomass burning machine, choosing Chun Yuan, and let us forge ahead with you and create brilliant future.